Monday, September 10, 2012

Seaport Scene Issue 317

Kids Recognised For Supporting African Children

Picton school children celebrate their contribution to the 40 hour famine.
Children from Picton School and Waikawa Bay School did the 40 Hour Famine over the weekend of 26 May. Last week both were presented with the Bronze award, meaning they were two of the top 20 primary schools in New Zealand for their fundraising efforts. The awards are worked out on a per pupil basis.

Waikawa Bay School raised $903, which is enough to feed 154 children for a month.

Alex Aldridge organised 14 kids from Picton School in their effort, and they raised $648.70, which is enough to feed 108 children for a month.

Most of the kids chose to go with the classic 'no food' for their famine, which involves surviving without food for 20 hours (the maximum time if you’re aged 8 to 13 years) or 40 hours (the maximum time if you’re aged 14 or older).

Many others chose alternatives to the 'no food' challenge; they gave up television and talking instead. Some participants chose 'only rice' or 'no furniture' options.

This year 145,000 young Kiwis have taken part in the 40 Hour Famine, raising over 2.2 million for less fortunate children in Niger and Mali in West Africa.


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