Friday, November 7, 2014

Seaport Scene Issue 369

Other Stories in This Issue

  • Captains Table
  • News: Local T-shirt design inspired by whale cause, Lucky Escape for Edwina, Armistice Day Service in Seymour Square
  • Saturday Speaker
  • Spot the Knot
  • Pavilion Programme
  • ‘Whales’ Takes to the Streets of Picton
  • Cruise Ship Schedule
  • Tide Tables
  • Edwin Fox Tea Party
  • The Amazing Eco Race is Almost Here!
  • Funding Available to Enhance Access to the Outdoors 
  • Kaipupu News: Overview of the Kaipupu Point Sounds Wildlife Sanctuary Pest Team 
  • Stand up Comedians Stalked
  • Multiple Birth Awareness Week 2014
  • Seaport Happenings 
  • Seaport Sessions
  • Seen on the Scene: Halloween Scene, Glamorous Gold Star Evening
  • Reflections from Picton Museum: A New Display
  • Universal Penny
  • Library Lines
  • Picton Courses are Popular
  • Backstage Blurb
  • Mikey's Fundrasing Weekend
  • Stop Means Stop!
  • Trustpower Marlborough Community Awards 
  • Clear Sailing for Opening
  • Waikawa Boating Club Beach Clean Up Day 
  • the Mainsheet: Midnight
  • Marlborough Roll of Honour Awards
  • Wayne Wytenburg

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