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New Publisher At Seaport News 
Above: Carey White handing over the helm of The Seaport News
to new owner and publisher, Dale Ashworth.

Picton writer Dale Ashworth is the new owner of The Seaport News and brings bubbly enthusiasm to her role as editor.
Dale, nee Marriott, has a long association with Picton, having grown up here and spent many holidays in her family bach in the Sounds.
She was educated at Waikawa Bay School and Queen Charlotte College, then studied environmental science and marine biology at the University of Canterbury.
She then followed her dream to be a diver, working overseas and later establishing Dive Picton with her husband Ben.
They recently sold that business and Dale is now following her next dream, to be the publisher and writer of a community newspaper in her home town.
“I’ve got a lot to learn but I am passionate about words and community and very excited about continuing the wonderful work that the Seaport News team does.”
The first issue of The Seaport News was published in November 1998.
Carey White has coordinated the newspaper for nearly 14 years, having started it as a fundraiser for the Picton Foreshore Trust.
“The Trust felt strongly that the Picton and Sounds community deserved its own voice in Marlborough,” he says.
In the beginning the paper was written and designed on a kitchen table and comprised six pages in black and white. It has evolved over the years into its present form with the input of many writers, designers, volunteers and supporters.
Carey and the team wish Dale the best of luck with her new venture.

The Seaport News has been sold as a going concern to local writer Dale Ashworth.
We hope that the excellent support we have had over the years from advertisers, readers in the local community and our large subscriber base will continue.
Our contact details remain the same. 

Email office@seaportnews.com
Phone: 03 573 8060

The Seaport News is a community newspaper, originally founded  by the Picton Foreshore Trust to give the communities in Picton and the Marlborough Sounds their own voice. It aims to provide local individuals, organisations and groups with an outlet for news and information and to promote local causes and local businesses.

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The Seaport News came to fruition back in 1998, when discussions were held at a Picton Foreshore Trust meeting, after the demise of the Sounds Gazette.
The Trust felt the community needed its own local paper. This has involved a lot of planning and organisation by the Trust, and is an ongoing project.
The project began as a fundraiser to set up the PowerHouse Reserve, but it quickly became its own entity which now entails a lot of hard work from a dedicated team as it grows from year to year.
From the first issue a logo was incorporated in its masthead – ‘Picton: Seaport of the Sounds’, establishing a maritime theme to the paper and the identity of the port town of Picton.
Originally the paper could be purchased with a 50 cent donation, but as more pages were added, and with printing costs escalating, something had to change. After a survey was compiled and sent to every household in Picton and the Sounds, the enthusiastic response encouraged the team to continue production, and over the 12 years the paper has been running, the cost of purchase has been kept as low as possible.
As from late last year the paper purchased a brand new colour photocopier and we are now producing the paper with colour, however we needed to increase the price of the paper to three dollars to offset costs. The new colour paper is proving to be very popular.
At present 500 copies per issue are printed in-house in digital laser colour. Of these, 120-plus are posted to subscribers both nationally and internationally, and the rest are delivered to display stands at many local outlets.
All photographs taken and produced in the paper can be purchased.
The Seaport News is in the true sense of the word a community paper. It is funded and supported by the whole community through advertising and the purchase of each issue.
The dedication of the contributors, writers, volunteers and staff (we are now able to employ 3 part timers) produces a great asset for Picton and the Sounds. Without their support the paper would not be possible.
Collation of the paper is carried out by a willing group of volunteers, who come into the office every fortnight to label the papers ready for delivery or postage to subscribers.
One of the highlights in 2009 was that we were nominated for the Trustpower Community Awards and we came runner-up in the Environment and Heritage Awards.
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